• LS XI: Vistas Paradossales

    "Vistas is composed of multiple exposures shots on 4x5” negative film and Microscapes, high resolution scans of colours & solvents compositions, dealing respectively with our perception of Time and Space. Departing from my previous landscape works I aimed to create images that present an altered Time dimension, through the use of multiple and/or very long exposures. With these images, I wanted to suggest that the nature of what our brain feels as the flowing of Time is more likely to be a different entity which doesn’t share the same qualities that we naturally perceive, and of which we cannot get to understanding at the moment. Through multiple exposures I played with the position of Sun and Moon which are the celestial bodies that naturally set the length of our day and month; while the use of very long exposures created scenes with light gradients that didn’t exist within conscious perception. Similarly, but dealing with Space, the high resolution scans reveal new landscapes that exist on a scale too minute for the naked eye to see. Yet I’ve tried to find in that micro space the same aesthetic qualities I normally search in a landscape”.

    LS XI: Vistas Paradossales, Canaries & Milan, 2018. Limited edition, 120x150cm (47x59") or 64x80cm (25x32"), c-type print on photographic paper from 4x5" negative drum scanned.