• LS VI

    The Womb.

    From where are the sensations we feel about some places generated? Is it possible in a specific environment to produce a photographic representation of different states of the Unconscious? Away from everyday life, traveling alone in remote desert areas sets the self in an essential state: abandonment of the social superstructure, deconstruction of the representation of the self, simplification of needs and cancellation of social relations. The social Ego as known ceases to be: there’s another representation of what I am and therefore a different person. Inside the changed mental space, through contemplation, new sensations find place. Can photographing in this state be a mirror to the Unconscious?

    LS VI, Spain, 2015. Limited edition, 133x100cm (52,3x39,3in.) or 80x60cm (31,5x23,6in.), Lightjet on photographic paper from 4x5in negative drum scanned