• LS V

    Journey.  «The desert and its light volumes, make the ‘LS V’ series a complex metaphysical scenario. A journey that connects the exterior with the interior, the physical space with the unconscious of the individual. As being a spectator of a “disorienting” space; the same feeling that according to Heidegger was the basis of “his” being. Just as a function of that “disorienting anguish”, in fact, the individual ceases to refer to himself as a part of the everyday talk and to be included in the common way of thinking. And without a reference the man feels as a helpless prey of the same Space and Time that appear without borders in the photographs of Luca Tombolini». Francesca Orsi.

    LS, 2012-16, Limited edition, C-type print from 4x5in negative drum scanned