• LS V


    «The desert and its light volumes, make the ‘LS V’ series a complex metaphysical scenario. A journey that connects the exterior with the interior, the physical space with the unconscious of the individual. As being a spectator of a “disorienting” space; the same feeling that according to Heidegger was the basis of “his” being. Just as a function of that “disorienting anguish”, in fact, the individual ceases to refer to himself as a part of the everyday talk and to be included in the common way of thinking. And without a reference the man feels as a helpless prey of the same Space and Time that appear without borders in the photographs of Luca Tombolini». Francesca Orsi.

    LS V, Morocco, 2015. Limited edition, 133x100cm (52,3x39,3in.) or 80x60cm (31,5x23,6in.), Lightjet on photographic paper from 4x5in negative drum scanned